Friday, June 30, 2006

Cough, sniffle, yawn!

They've been the recurring sounds in the H household this week.

Mr H has been off work since last Friday with headaches and tiredness (probably the after effects of a cold and the worst hayfever he has ever had), he's gone back today, but is planning on doing a short day to ease himself back in.

The munchkin has been a bit snuffly, but yesterday came down with a full blown cold. We had a horrendous night last night. She went down for the night really well, woke at about 11 (just as Mr H and I were dozing off) and took an hour to settle back to sleep. We fed her, cuddled her, walked around with her and ended up given her a dose of Ashton and Parsons powders. They worked and helped her settle back down, but only for 4 hours..... She was up again, fed her, tried getting some Medised into her to help her breath and settle, but it only caused her to retch and bring back her milk all over my pillow! She hates medised, I think the bottle we have is just going to end up in the bin. It is a real fight to get it into her, I don't really blame her though. She doesn't understand that it'll help her feel better and it really does taste disgusting, incrediably strong fake strawberry flavour. She slept then until 7:30 and went down for another nap over an hour ago....she's still asleep now!

I'm ok, just could do with more sleep! The munchkin will no longer sleep beyond about 7:30 in the morning, so gone are my lie-ins! I just need to train myself to go to bed earlier....easier said then done...with going to bed promptly all my good intentions just fall by the wayside (a bit like the diet...will do a full post on that before too long....)

Aside from all that, things are pretty good, I've had the paperwork through for some inheritance (finally!) so we should be able to pay off some credit cards and still have some money spare for a holiday and to save up for anything we may need to spend on the house ( the windows will need replacing at some point in the next few years as will the flat roof over the downstairs toilet and porch). The weather has brightened up (though it's getting hot!) which always lifts my mood. We've managed to clear all(!!!!) of the boxes from downstairs now and it's so nice to be able to relax in teh living room with out seeing boxes of junk.

Anyway, need to go now, the munchkin has woken up and willl want some milk. Bye!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good day! Yay!

I've had a really nice day today, didn't particularly expect a nice day, but it turned out good.

Started the day with another meeting with the counsellor from the mental health team, talking to her made me realise how much better I am now compared to when I saw her last. We agreed that I don't need any more appointments with her but I'd call if I needed any more support.

Got home and put the munchkin down for a much needed nap (she won't sleep in the pushchair at the moment), woke her up just in time to go out and meet the girls (plus one other half!) to go down to the toy library. The munchkin had to eat her lunch on the way....she didn't seem to mind that though!

We arrived at the toy library to find to closed due to holidays..... we were a little surprised to say the least, it hadn't been mentioned when we were there a fortnight ago, and previously when the lady who runs it went away she let us know in advance. L offered her flat for a cuppa so we went over there. It was really nice to see our little ones playing (the munchkin frantically trying to crawl like the big boys!) and also great to spend some time getting to know people a bit better. I'm really starting to feel part of a group here now. Definately not feeling as lonely. We're hopefully going to rotate aroundn each others' homes after the toy library each week.

I'm feeling good about the house too; as we've finally managed to make it look as though we didn't move in last week (rather than 4 1/2 months ago!). We have homes for most things and only one room with many boxes in.

Anyway, need to go to bed....nighty night all!

Monday, June 19, 2006


What a day for her to start it....the munchkin started trying to say Daddy yesterday. Whenever she saw him and wanted his attention or he started playing with her she kept saying da-da-da. Definately the best Father's day present for Mr H. It all started in the creche at church, he came down at the end of the service grinning from ear to ear. He's feeling very honoured. No real sign of mummy or any derivatives yet :o( Oh well, I can just remind Mr H that a d sound is easier to say than an m sound so it's fluke!

We also discovered yesterday a food that the munchkin loves....pasta with vegetable puree, tried it yesterday and it went down so well. Less ended up in the pelican bib than most things. We're going to try it again today with some of the butternut squash puree I have in the freezer.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad mummy day!

I had a bad mummy day after I posted yesterday.

I sat the munchkin on the dining room carpet while I cooked our lunch ( we have an L shaped kitchen diner so she was on the carpet where I could see her). I thought I'd put her in a place where if she lost her balance she'd fall onto carpet quite safely....but no! She toppled over forwards and caught her head on the tiled kitchenfloor....she now has a nice purple bruise on the side of her forehead.

Apparently I also failed to provide the munchkin with food that met her exacting standards at lunchtime after all that.... She spat food at me, threw it on the floor and generally didn't eat much of it...argh! Hopefully she'll do a bit better today.

For the moment she's refusing to go down for her first nap of the day, I've had to bring her back down from her cot for a bit, we'll try again later...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Messy eater...

Ooppss...I didn't mean to leave it over a week between posts...sorry!

Well, things are pretty good down here. The munchkin is finally getting over her cold, it's just taken her over a fortnight! She's getting desperate to move around, she can roll, though not very targetted :o) and can twist herself around on her tummy.

She'd been refusing her purees for over a week so when I saw the health visitor last Wednesday I asked her what was best to do, she said the the munchkin was probably wanting to take control and feed herself, so she suggested moving her onto finger foods.. Well, what a mess they create! The munchkin is loving feeding herself and is also now sleeping better again....phew! She slept through from 9pm till 8 am yesterday. We did have to have a shower before putting her down at 9 as it was so hot she couldn't sleep, her bedroom was at 30 (!) so I'm not surprised she struggled to get so sleep.;

We picked up my bureau on Friday, it's lovely. We've had to re-treat it for woodworm (the seller did say it had been treated, but there were rather a lot of holes so we thought better safe than sorry) but apart from that it's great, lots of space for all my card making bits and pieces.


On a completely different and sobering note, if you do pray, will you please pray for a friend of mine, V. She's a teacher and is having to deal with the sudden (accidental) death of a pupil in her class, she doesn't seem to be getting any help from the senior team at her school and is struggling to know what to say to her pupils. Please also pray for the family and friends of the boy who died. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


...we won the Ebay auction as of Friday (when we're going to pick up the bureau) I will have my own space and storage for card making. Hopefully it'll help motivate me to make more cards and come up with some new ideas.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

I ended up putting the munchkin down for the night a bit early, she was just so tired. Performed the usual bath, bottle, bed routine and put her down fully expecting her to yell and simply not settle. Well, I was wrong! She went down like a dream. Two nights of rubbish sleep and now she's gone out like a light and hasn't made a peep.

Leaves me a quiet evening to watch X factor again without having to keep popping up to check on her. Matt to win!!!

New look!

Many, many thanks to Jeni for my new look blog. I'd been thinking about how to be a bit different for a while, but I'm still very clueless with html so couldn't really do much myself, but Jeni has given me this fantastic theme. Cheers!

One long shop!

We seemed to spend all weekend shopping...or at least looking for something, but failing to find what we want. We've been looking for some storage for my card making stuff. We were just looking for a filing unit to begin with, but by the end of Saturday we'd gone on to some type of bureau to give me some space of my own to work in. We didn't find anything suitable all weekend, despite trying second hand shops, Ikea and all the furniture shops in town( surprisingly few of them). We've ended up bidding for a bureau in Ebay, hopefully we'll be able to get it cheaply. We'll need to pick it up in Cambridge if we win it....what a shame....another excuse to go back and see some of my friends :-)

The munchkin has decided that evening are no longer for sleep. The past two nights it has taken her 2 1/2 + hours to settle properly and go to sleep. It's so draining, and especially difficult when we know she's tired and just fighting sleep. The heat in the house really doesn't help. The munchkin's bedroom has averaged 26/27 C when we're trying to get her to go down for the night. We had a fan on to keep the air moving, the windows open and the dehumidifier on to try and reduce the mugginess last night and it was gone 11pm before she settled properly (she goes to bed at about 6:30 usually!). She was wide awake by 9:30 this morning which was a bit earlier than usual as well. She has just had a really good nap though so hopefully she's a bit more rested and feeling a bit better again. She's been very clingy so far today, I'm guessing it's because she's been tired...we'll see!

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Friday!

Well, we had another good night last night. The munchkin was up at 11 and then not again until 6, a huge improvement on last week. She's still not right, lots of pooey nappies and off her solids, but still loving her milk so I'm not too worried. She's being a bit more clingy than normal too. At least it's Friday though and I get Mr H home for the next two days. Help with the nights....yay! Oh....and I get to see him and spend time with him when he's not tired from work!

I've been meaning to make some thank you cards for my girlies from back home this week, they gave the munchkin some gorgeous presents at the weekend, however with me being under the weather and her out of sorts as well I've not done them yet. Hopefully I'll get some time at the weekend when Mr H is here to help look after the little lady.

Thursday, June 01, 2006!

An amazing morning this morning....I didn't see much of it! Went back to bed for a doze after Mr H went to work (as usual!) at 8:30 and when I next heard the munchkin and looked at the clock it was 12:15! Couldn't believe it. We both obviously needed the sleep. I'm feeling better for it....and I've done one non-pooey nappy for the munchkin so she's a little better too, still a bit off her food and milk though. Hopefully we'll get some good sleep tonight (no doubt in several bursts as is becoming normal again.....doh!) and we'll both be feeling even better tomorrow.

I've managed to get a bit more housework done today compared to normal, which means that Mr H and I will be able to spend a bit more time together this evening once we have the munchkin in bed.