Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello again!

Had a busy few weeks so blogging has been on the back burner....but hopefully now Christmas is over I'm back for a bit....but any one who reads regularly will know that I do come and go a lot so no promises about how long we'll be around for this time.....hopefully longer than last time, I love blogging and hate being so busy and tired I don't have time for a quick post.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and managed to get some family/you time in there as well. After a lot of anticipation of a Christmas in Scotland with Mr H's sister and her husband (D and G) we ended up having a quiet one down here thanks to a bit of a break down in communications in Mr H's family (his brother, J, decided to try and organise it without finding out whether D and G were still free for us all to come up....ooppss!). It was nice so see the Christmas services at our church here, we've really settled in there now and are getting the munchkin baptised there in 3 weeks. We then headed up to see L and T for a few days as T turned 30 on Friday! L may be the youngest of all our siblings, but T is the oldest of us :-) They had a winter barbeque for all the family, it was great to see his parents and family again, the last time we saw them was at L & T's wedding in September.

We've now got a couple of quiet days before Mr H goes back to work on Tuesday (via the garage to sort out the suspension on the car which collapsed on Wednesday leaving us to go to L & T's by train). Hopefully we'll manage to get some couple time and a nice dinner or two in when the munchkin sleeps....

Hope everyone has a good NYE tonight....given the munchkin woke us for 45 minutes at 1:30am I suspect we won't manage to stay awake to see the new year in, but I hope you all have a good night. Bye!