Friday, July 28, 2006


Well, the journey on Tuesday went ok, it was very hot and we did end up spending time sat by the doors, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been. The journey home on Wednesday was a nightmare however. If all trains had been running on time we could (just) have made connections to get home at about 5:10pm, as it was it wasn't until 7:45pm that we pulled in! We were pushing it to be able to get the connection we wanted at Peterborough, but if the GNER train had come in on time we could just make it as I knew what platform to go for and how to get there onb the ramps. However the train arrived 5 minutes late, so that was one train gone. We had an hour long wait for the next train so we settled down in a shady spot to feed the munchkin and get some rest. Just before the train was due I went to look at the departures board to check it was running on time to see that it was cancelledd, as I saw the screen the platform announcer confirmed that it had been cancelled at Birmingham. Why did it take them so long to announce that? If they'd said it sooner I could have gone for a Stevenage train and got home sooner. Grrrrr! We had another hour long wait for the next train, which arrived 10 minutes late with only 2 carriages rather than the usual 4! It was only due to people being kind and moving suitcases that had been dumped by the doors that I was able to get the munchkin's pushchair onto the train. It was such a crush, not a pleasant journey, particularly in this weather. Standing behind me was a man with rather dubious personal hygiene, I ended up leaning over the munchkin's pram a bit to avoid the smell....

Ok, rant over....

We did eventually get home, but it was so much later than planned that our plans for a nice dinner to celebrate our third anniversary went out of the window :-( I was too tired for anything nice and ended up sending Mr H out to the chippy for a quick junk food fix. I did enjoy sharing presents with Mr H however. I was really impressed with him, he gave me some watercolour pencils and some pastel pencils as well as some paper and brushes. I just need to get my bureau sorted out now so I can get creative!

Spent most of yesterday recovering from our travels, didn't get a lot done apart for watch a phenomenal storm. Huge amounts of lightening very close to us and (finally!) a lot of rain. Don't get me wrong, it was worth going up to see R before she goes, but it was draining. The munchkin took a dislike to the travel cot Mum and Dad have....she had a grand total for 7 hours sleep in the 24 hours we were in Bradford! Mum ended up getting up at 6:30 on Wednesday to take the munchkin for a walk in a effort to get her to sleep.....some hope!

The plan for today is to head to to a local village on the bus (first time down here!) to go and meet my parents, sister (and her fiance and 1 of their insane dogs!) and two of my parents friends as they're going on a narrowboat holiday from there. It'll be good to see them again, hopefully we'll meet them for dinner in a couple of canalside pubs next week. They'll be in central London over the weekend, but are then coming back past us and up to Bishops Stortford. I'd love to go on a narrowboat in central London. Dad has his boat master's license so can actually take the boat on the Thames. If you're in London on Saturday/Sunday and see a narrowboat on the Thames that'll probably be them!

Anyway, I need to go and check bus times then get the munchkin ready to go out. Have a good weekend....bye!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Getting better....yay!

We're all starting to feel better in the H household now......thank goodness.

The munchkin is getting more life back into her, she's getting her grins back and is back trying to get into everything. It's so good seeing her smiles and helps me feel better too.

I'm feeling much better too. Sadly, the tummy bug has caused my IBS to flare up, which is fun in the mornings, but hopefully that'll ease again soon.

I'm looking forward to going up to my parents tomorrow, the journey will be interesting with the temperatures we've been having, but we'll just have to cope. Hopefully we'll be able to get the seat with space for the munchkin's pushchair on the mainline train, but I'm not really holding out much hope, we're not getting on at the start of the route, so I suspect that someone who just wants to spread out will have it. We'll just have to be in the doorways, it's the only other space that the pushchair will fit in. It'll be great to see the girls again, we're going out for dinner tomorrow and meeting R (the one going to the US) for brunch on Wednesday before getting the train home. I can't believe we're travelling ~200 miles (each way!) in temperatures exceeding 30oC for one night.....I think I'm mad!

The wasp guy from the council arrived this morning...he couldn't find a nest where we thought we had one, but there was possibly one round the corner in the roof. He's treated all spaces where a nest could be situated and we haven't seen any wasps since, so hopefully they're gone. He thought the wasps may have been going into the outlet pipe from the toilet for a drink! They then may have got lost and somehow got into the bathroom from idea how! Hopefully Mr H will polyfilla all around the pipes in the next few days to eliminate the chance of the evil beings getting in again.

We did have a highlight today....the munchkin pulled herself up on the settee and cruised along to try and get at the laptop!!! I was so proud of her, I was talking to mum on the phone at that point and just squealed . She could only do it because the airbed was next to the settee, she's too small to be able to reach the settee otherwise. It's only the past week or so that the munchkin has been willing to take any weight on her legs so I really didn't expect to see that today. I'm so pleased! I managed to get a quick photo of her standing there before she sat back down so Mr H could see it as he was still at work. It was another sign of the munchkin getting better. Even yesterday morning there were times when all she wanted to do was just lie and watch the world go by.

I need to go and get some sleep, need all the rest I can get before tomorrow's journey. Bye!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Week from hell!

What a week we've had!

Monday....fine, found a couple of dead wasps in the downstairs toilet, ok, we thought, they're just dying in the heat

Tuesday morning....the munchkin throws up her morning milk everywhere, we find a wasps nest in the outside wall next to the outlet pipe from the downstairs toilet, next step close all the windows on the front of the house

Tuesday afternoon....the munchkin throws up again, the council eventually answer their phone and tell me that the earliest they can come and remove the nest is Monday!! we decide that the munchkin may be suffering from heat exhaustion (it's been averaging over 30oC in the house this week) so we went out to get an air con unit to get at least one room cool

Wednesday....the munchkin wakes up with diarrhoea (but no vomiting), I wake up with a tummy bug as well

Thursday...I wake feeling a bit better, Mr H comes down with the bug, the munchkin starts to get dehydrated as she starts to be sick again.

Today....Mr H and I both much better, the munchkin now on water/dioralyte only for a couple of days on the doctor's advice. She hasn't been sick since last night and the diarrhoea is easing.

It's been a horrible week, it was supposed to be a nice week, Mr H off work to get some rest and get stuff done in the house, however we've all been ill, it's been soooo hot, we've had wicked, evil wasps everywhere and we've had a to cancel a trip up north to go to the good bye bbq for one of my best friends before she goes away to America to teach for at least a year. Hopefully as the mucnhkin starts to feel better and gets some more life in her that'll help us perk up, but what a waste of a week...

Monday, July 17, 2006


We had a fab weekend. Go ape on Staurday was amazing, though I'm now in so much pain when I move in certain ways. I'm on the short side of things so stretching to reach some of the hand holds was difficult and I've stretched the muscles in my tummy and arms, bending over yesterday was a struggle to say the least. It was a great day though.

Mr H thoroughly enjoying experimenting with his camera and took some brilliant pictures of us all, some not very flattering ones too (you try looking good in one of those safety harnesses!!). The munchkin enjoyed the walk (well being pushed around) and getting lots of attention from all the girls. The dinner out was lovely too, though there was a bit of a disagreement over the bill and how to split it. My sister seemed to have little patience for her friends who have less money than her; and who, in her opinion, seem to think she is made of money (she's just spent £2000 on a cooker and £8000 on her garden though, so definately does have more money than them who all but one live at home with their parents as they can't afford to move out!!).

Ok, rant over, I did enjoy the weekend, though it did highlight to me a bit how dissimilar my sister and I are. It was good to see her and for her to see the munchkin, though any longer than the weekend and I would have struggled (and I wasn't even staying at her house!). We've got a quiet week in store now, Mr H has the week of work as a break, and we're going back up to my parents next weekend for a leaving party for a friend of mine. We're going to try and get some of the DOY done in the house, there's a few bits that just need fixing and hopefully we'll be able to get some more of the boxes in the study unpacked. We'll see!

The munchkin's just napping now, but I need to go and make her lunch before she wakes otherwise it'll be too hot for her. Bye!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fun weekend ahead!

Could be an interesting weekend this weekend....Mr H, the munchkin and I are sharing a hotel room with my mum!!!! It's my sister's hen weekend which Mum and I have been invited along too, and Mum offered to pay for our room if we all shared, so off to the travelodge we go!

I'm not sure if Mum realises how often the munchkin wakes us (read me!). At the moment we have to get up and feed her twice a night, if she wakes properly she won't go back to sleep without a bottle of milk. We are going to try next week to go cold turkey on the milk front, so if she wakes in the night and won't settle on her own we'll just give her some water and hope that'll settle her. We think she's needing the milk as much out of habit when she wakes as out of hunger. We may need to try continuing with milk, but gradually watering it down over a couple of weeks. We'll see what happens.

The weekend should be fun though, BBQ tomorrow evening, Go Ape on Saturday (not sure how much I'll enjoy this...I'm not much of a sporty/active person!) and a dinner out on Saturday before my sister and her girlfriends go out on the town (Mum and I are going back to the travelodge then...clubbing's not our scene!). It'll be great to see Mum and sis again, the munchkin has changed so much since they last saw her, she's such a little girl now, not a baby anymore. When we last saw my sister we'd only just started weaning the munchkin and she wasn't even rolling, now she's self feeding and crawling all over the place (latest trick is crawling to the bookcase and pulling off the books!).

Anyway, I need to go and pack before the munchkin needs her tea and Mr H gets home from work. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well, it definately was a tooth coming through. It's rather painful now when the munchkin decides she wants to nibble on my fingers!

We had a couple of bad nights after I last posted, the munchkin was just too uncomfortable to sleep well. She was a grizzly monster on Thursday, a far cry from her usual placid, chilled out little self. I hope this isn't what we have in store everytime she has a tooth coming through.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One thing and then another....what'll be next?

Big excitement in the H house last night....(can you tell we don't get out much?)....Mr H picked up the playpen and tent! It's so cool, the munchkin is quite happy in there while I get on with housework, and when we put the tent up last night just to see how it looked it was fab! It's definately worth the money we've spent on it.

The other mums at baby group were really impressed with the munchkin's newly discovered mobility, she's such a tiddler still (8 months old and comfortably fitting in 3-6 month clothes!) that it was a bit of a surprise to see her moving. It was so muggy this afternoon that two of the mums at baby group (they had teeny tots) left really early and the remaining three of us decided to come over to mine where we could safely open an outside door to get some air moving. The air is so stagnant today, it's really horrible. We've been forecast some big storms, but there's no sign of them yet, the sky is a pale grey, now sun, but no thunder clouds either.

So the munchkin is now crawling, that's number 1 on her list of achievements for this week. Number two appears to be the beginnings of a bottom tooth! There's a nice white lump in the middle which is visible when she giggles. What'll be next? Quite a week for the little lady.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down!

....somebody is needed!

The munchkin has been wriggling and shuffling around on her tummy for a couple of weeks, but we thought it would be a bit longer than this before she could crawl properly. She's still slow, but she can now get wherever she wants to! And she was only 8 months old last Friday!

I can't believe my little baby is now properly mobile. We were looking at some old photos on the computer yesterday and she's changed so much. Much as I can't face the whole idea of birth again I do miss her being a little baby.....that's not to say I don't love her to bits as she is now.

Due to a certain somebody's mobility we've decided to invest in a playpen. We can't fit a stair gate in at the bottom of the stairs easily, or even just round the coner from them so we decided to get a Babydan babyden. We've bought it very reasonably from Ebay, and we've got the tent to go with it to turn it inot a playhouse. Really looking forward to picking it up. These playpen's aren't cheap, but I've wanted one of them for the munchkin for ages and now with the inheritance coming through I can vaguely justify it!