Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's only taken me a couple of hours to work out how to do this! Apologies for the awful filming (and the angle!) I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to rotate the video once it was filmed. I hope this works! You might want to turn your sound off....Mr H is getting a tad repetitive on it!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The munchkin took her first proper steps around the kitchen earlier! So chuffed! Admittedly she was trying to get at the dishwasher as Mr H was emptying it....but still.

We've also discovered the reason for the waking last night, madam has a molar coming through. I gave her some calpol after her nap which helped sooth her (she woke in such a paddy) and she's just been put down to sleep with some infant Nurofen so hopefully we'll have a better night.

Zombie day :o(

I have no idea what caused her to do it, but the munchkin woke at 4:15 this morning with absolutely no intention of going back to sleep. Eventually got her back to sleep again at almost 6, but that was after trying to cuddle her, having my hand on her in the cot, bringing her into our bed (where she kept putting her fingers into my mouth and banging her head on ours) and finally giving in and giving her 5 oz of milk. I'm so tired today, the munchkin has refused to nap this morning (so hoping she will this afternoon...I need a breather) so I've got very little done and I've got Mr H's sister, D, and her husband, G, coming to stay at the weekend. much to do.

Todo list for this afternoon:
  • put dry washing away
  • hang out washing to dry
  • run dishwasher
  • clear kitchen/dining room surfaces

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good start!

Feeling quite pleased with myself....I've lost 3 lbs this week! :-)

I now need to keep this up.

Got to go, the munchkin's just woken so we're having lunch then going to Sainsburys to get some dinner ideas for next week. Bye!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

All change!

Well, I've said goodbye to my old template. I did love it, but wanted the flexibility of the new system. Many thanks to Jeni for giving me the old template, maybe one day I'll manage to teach myself enough HTML to create my own one.

My weight loss ticker also reappeared this week. I've decided to give Weight Watchers one more go, I know all the points counting works for me when I keep focussed and I really want to succeed this time. I'd love to weigh less than Mr H. He's 5'9" tall and weighs 8 stone 13, where as I'm 5'2" and weigh 12 stone 3 (or did when I weighed in last Sunday, hopefully it'll be less by weigh in tomorrow). That put my BMI at 31.3 (obese!), and Mr H's at 18.46 (underweight). I'm not sure I could ever get to that target, but with 7 lbs of him would be nice. My initial weight target is 10 stone, I'd love to get to 9 stone (middle of the healthy BMI for my height). At the moment I'm delaying trying to conceive #2 until I get my weight a bit more in control and am sure that my depression and hormones post implant are under control.

So far this week I've done really well, kept within my points (even when the munchkin was poorly and I was eating junk for the energy fix) and done a lot more exercise. Mr H, the munchkin and I all walked (or rode in the munchkin's case) all the way into town and back home again this morning. It's around 3 miles each way and isn't something I've managed before. It felt so good, especially when I pushed the pushchair all the way home laden with all the shopping (including a huge bag of potatoes). I'm going to try and find some excuse to walk into town at least twice a week and go for a shorter walk every other day. The local newsagent doesn't sell the weekly mag I try and get every week so that's one outing, reading group at the library in town is another....I'll have to work on the rest!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beta Blogger

While the munchkin sleeps I've been trying to change my blog template to the customise versions as I want some of the flexibility of it.....however I can't work out how to do it and still keep the elements of my personal design (by the fab Jeni.....who seems to have disappeared :o( ).....

Anyone reading got any ideas....or will I just have to lose my cute pushchair picture if I upgrade?

Oh, I need to teach myself HTML!

Poorly munchkin :o(

We had a horrendous night last night. The munchkin settled well as normal, then just as H and I were settling down to sleep I heard her being sick. She'd brought up all of the tea and bedtime milk (which she hadn't drunk much of). This was followed by 2 hours of retching while she brought up every last bit of stuff from her tummy. She was so unhappy, really pale and listless in my arms, blatently in a lot of discomfort, it was awful not being able to do anything to help her. We nearly took her to A&E (no out of hours GP for under 2s here) but thought that was a bit excessive. Eventually she perked up a little so we brought her into our bed, she woke at 3 and would only settle with a little bit of water (which eventually stayed down) and then again at 7 when H got up.

The diahorrea (sp) kicked in this morning (everywhere!), she's asleep in her cot at the moment, I don't know how long for....

I now have almost a full load of washing that's covered with poo and sick to do as well as the load of washing that was put in last night....and I was finally tackling Mount Washmore....

I have no idea whether this bug has come from, it looks like a standard D&V virus, but none of the other babes she's been around are showing signs of's a bit of a mystery.

Will hopefully update later. Hope everyone reading this is ok.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Professor Robert Winston

I previously thought Professor Winston was a fantastic man who has done some great work, but having seen an interview with him this morning on BBC Breakfast I've found that I have to disagree with him.

He was talking about his new TV show about IVF which includes a feature on a couple who went through IVF in order to conceive a girl (they already have 4 boys). Professor Winston was saying that he thought that using IVF to choose the gender of a baby was perfectly acceptable in the UK and would do little to change the gender balance of the country. While I agree with that, I do feel that using IVF to choose the gender of a child would mean that there will be other embryos rejected due to being the 'wrong' gender. What would happen to these? I am very much of the opinion that once the sperm has fertilised the egg that there is a true potential of new life there and we should to everything possible to allow that to happen (that's why I'm against abortion and the morning after pill). Are the unwanted embryos destroyed? I can almost understand the use of embryo screening in order to prevent a child being born with a genetic/chromosomal abnormality that would lead to suffering, but I still find it hard when I consider the 'normal' embryos that may be produced and not allowed to develop.

I know this is kind of muddled, and I'm still trying to get my ideas completely straight, but I really wanted to try and get this out to try and help me. What do you think?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nap....what's that?

It seems like the munchkin has forgotten what a morning nap is too.....

She spent the best part of 40 minutes playing and chatting to herself in her cot before getting fed up when she heard me go upstairs to put the washing out to dry.....grrrr.....

Hopefully she'll sleep this afternoon instead. I have managed to get some stuff done though, the washing is all out (with a little "help" from a certain somebody), the dishwasher is running (though there's so much stuff somehow I'll need to run it again this afternoon), kitchen surfaces are clean, desk is now evidently wooden (though not completely clear...I need Mr H's help to go through some of the paper work) and the dining table is cleaned ready for card making (I can't use my fantastic bureau upstairs when the munchkin is with me as she'll trash Mr H's scalextric which is set out on the floor of the same room).


Ok, well the desk's not clear, however the kitchen is tidier, the dining table is clear and the munchkin now has a storage unit for her toys (made by my fair hands.....with help from a flat pack from Homebase and Mr H's fabulous Ixo). I'm hoping to get the desk tidy today when I put the munchkin down for her nap.

It's when I put the munchkin down for her nap that I seem to get the most done. She's abandonned her afternoon nap now and goes to sleep for another 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the morning. However I always seem to get I need to tidy the desk, load the dishwasher, put the washing out to dry and make some Christmas cards (I made all of them last year and really want to do the same this year, so far I've made about a dozen of the70ish that we need...).

I'll update later on what I get done as I've just put madam to sleep so I need to get going. Bye!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Domestic goddess....

....well, in training anyway!

After months of feeding the munchkin lunches/dinners based around frozen cubes of mince/chicken casserole and mixed vegetables combined with rice or pasta (due to tiredness and a lack of inspiration) I concocted a meal of poached cod, mushrooms and peas (with the ubiquitous rice) yesterday. The munchkin loved it! She gobbled up the remains of it for lunch today. I feel quite good for doing that, challenge now is to top that tonight!

I'm not sure how possible that will be.....we need to do some food shopping.....I was supposed to be doing it this afternoon and then Mr H would pick me and the munchkin up and drive us home. However Mr H forgot to put the munchkin's car seat in the car and despite me calling him a minute after he left and him being so close to home he refused to come and collect it....grrrrr. It could be interesting seeing what he comes home with, I need to email him a shopping list, but as I was planning on deciding on the menus for next week while I was shopping (especially for the dinner I'm cooking on Saturday for my lactose intolerant best friend) I suspect we'll be shopping again on Saturday!

Next task for the budding domestic goddess here is to clear the desk....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm back!

It's been a long time since I posted on here. There's been a lot going on. My depression started to worsen and I began to get very lethargic and permanently tired. I decided that if I continued posting it'd just turn into a load of winges and I wasn't sure I wanted that time recording.
Well, I've now had my Implanon implant removed (possibly going to try for baby number two next year and want some normal cycles first) which has vastly improved my depression, enough that the doctor has agreed to weaning me off the anti depressants! Yay! Since then my energy and motivation levels have soared, maybe my body was trying to say to me stop tampering with me and let me do it myself.
So I'm back! There'll be more stories of the munchkin's exploits and maybe some about things going on in the world.
As for's lunchtime in the H household so I need to go and cook.