Thursday, March 30, 2006

More orange goo!

It was the turn of the carrots to get cooked to a pulp today. We seem to be in orange goo central here. Guess what the other veg I bought at the weekend to puree is? Sweet potato! More orange goo! Oh well, as long as the munchkin happily eats it we'll be ok! I hope she likes them.

We've finally decided hwat we're going to do on Saturday. We're going to try and brave central London with a buggy! Should be ok, both Mr H and I are quite up for walking and we've downloaded a list of step free tube stations to help us out, just have to hope the weather's nice otherwise it'll be a bit horrible and we'll end up on the tube more and more. Thankfully the buggy has a carry strap so Mr H can carry that while I carry the munchkin if we need to. It would have been nice to go back up to Bradford to see all my mates but all of those who are teachers aren't on their Easter holidays until the week after so they wouldn't be around. Never mind, hopefully we'll see them at one of the bank holidays in May.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ooppss (plus a bad mummy moment)

I've gone a bit overboard on the whole buying baby food thing......we must have in the region of 100 jars, cans and cartons of various types of goo! I ended up spending some time this afternoon categorising them into pure fruit/veg, fruit/veg with rice, sweet/breakfast things with milk, savory things with milk and things with meat/gluten. The munchkin can have the first two of those anytime but we need to wait until she's actually reached 6 months before giving her milk, gluten or meat.

I did have a bad mummy moment as I was doing this though I dropped one of the glass jars....well of course it broke and thge glass went everywhere. The munchkin was happily playing on her mat in the dining room but some of the glass got as far as her!!!! :-O Not a happy H here then! Managed to remove all the glass from around the munchkin and moved her away then swept all the glas into one safe spot for Mr H to clear up when he gets home....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Orange goo...

...well that's what pureed butternut squash looks like! I made my first puree for the munchkin today. Seems to be ok, it's in it's ice cubes trays in the freezer at the moment. Hope she likes it when we finally get around to weaning her. Will probably be starting that on Sunday or Monday. It depends on what we do at the weekend. We may be heading back up to Bradford to see family and friends or we may be popping into London for the day on Saturday. I haven't decided what I want to do yet.

You may wonder why I said I, and not we....well that would be because it's my birthday on Saturday! It means that I get a little more say in what we do. Bradford will also depend on Mr H's energy supply as he'll be driving and whether or not any of our friends are around.

First ever comment - Yay!

Wow, somebody has read my blog!!!

Hello Mrs Wookie! It was even more blissful when the munchkin did it again last night! It feels odd having 2 almost completely undisturbed nights of sleep. The munchkin woke briefly at 5:30, muttered to herself and went back to sleep. Couldn't believe it!

Anyway, just cooking lunch. Hopefully back later.

Monday, March 27, 2006

What do you think of the avatar of Mr H? Doesn't give him the credit for how skinny he is though! He's not very happy with it, not enough choice of clothes (!!) but I think it's ok.

Lovely day yesterday!

Well Mr H surprised me. We had a lovely day yesterday. He did the night feed (didn't even bring the munchkin back to the warmth of our bed, but sat on the chair in her room), made me breakfast and lunch (and helped make dinner). He (or rather the munchkin!) also gave me the orchid (lovely one in a vase) and a box of Bendicks mints. I'd managed to save up enough WW points that I could enjoy a few chocs as we sat and watched Batteries Not Included (fab film, even Mr H liked it!). It was just a nice simple day and made me feel loved.

The munchkin even played her part and slept through! Couldn't believe it when we woke to the alarm at 7:30 without being woken in the night. Was just about to leap out of bed and check on her when I heard he muttering to herself and blowing raspberries in her cot! I feel so much better for getting an undisturbed nights sleep (even though, once again, it took me ages to get to sleep).

What do you think of my avatar? Ok, so I'm no where near that skinny at the mo (here's hoping!), but it's as near to me as I could create! The one accessory that the avatar creator was missing though was a pram/buggy. I'm so rarely out of the house without it that if I'm going for a walk in a pretty park like this then the munchkin would be with me!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's 9:20pm and....

...I want to go to sleep! Can't believe I'm so tired this early in the evening. Would have quite happily gone to bed at about 8pm. Mad, but never mind, am reminding myself that the clocks change tonight so I'll be getting an hours less sleep than it seems like when I eventually get there. I've sent Mr H upstairs to put the washing out while I try to stay awake down here. We much prefer going to bed at the same time if we can manage it. I find it hard to get to sleep if he's not there, and I like my goodnight hug!

The munchkin so far hasn't settled too well, we've been up to her twice since we put her down to sleep to sooth her and put her mobile on to help her get back to sleep. Hopefully she'll sleep reasonably all night. With it being Mothering Sunday tomorrow I'm going to try and persuade Mr H that he should do all night feeds and nasty nappies for those 24 hours. Wish me luck! I do know he's bought me an orchid for tomorrow. He decided it hide it in the downstairs toilet (also known as the fridge!). It's so cold in there that I very rarely go in, but today I was pretty desperate, in the middle of cooking lunch and had to run. I'm chuffed he remembered as it's the first year for a while he's had to think about it (his mum died in 2000).

What's a nap?

I wish the munchkin knew the answer to this question!

She's refused point blank to sleep properly today. She did about 20 minutes in the car this morning (on the way to Homebase) and another 20 minutes or s on the way back home. She then screamed herself silly about her nap this afternoon and eventually slept for less than half an hour! She really needed at least 3 times that so we're going to have a grumpy munchkin come bedtime tonight. At least it's the weekend and Mr H is around to help out.

Mum went back home yesterday. It was so nice to see her (though didn't get any time for blogging). She's been finding everything so hard lately but seemed to be coming ok here. She loved spending time with the munchkin (her first grandchild) and seeing how much she's changed in the last 6 weeks. It's so easy to get used to Mum being here, she seems to fit into our lives really well, it was odd when she'd gone yesterday, even though she'd only been here 3 days. She babysatr for us on Wednesday night so that Mr H and I could have our first night out together since the munchkin was born. It was so lovely to spend time with him, and only him. Don't get me wrong, I love the munchkin to bits, but it was great to spend some time being me, rather than her mummy.

We ended up at Nandos, much nicer food than McDonalds and the points were ok. I managed to save up loads of points on Tuesday afternoon by walking around town and all the way home again (did about 3/4 of a mile more than we needed to as I got us lost!). Despite having a big dinner then I still managed to weigh in at 1lb less than the week before. Yay! I'm slowly getting there, some of my clothes are starting to get too big and I'm fitting in some of the smaller clothes my sister sent me.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back later....

...well, a lot later!

Can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Can't even claim to have been all that busy either....just exhausted.

A lot has happened since I last posted though.
  • The munchkin has now developed an ear-drum bursting range of squeals. They're horrific and there seems to be no stopping her once she gets started apart from putting a bottle in her mouth (not always appropriate as I'm sure you'll understand!). I think she's imitating the other baby girl that we see at the mums and babies group we go to. All the boys sit/lie/crawl/commando crawl(funny!) silently, while the other little girl sits quite happily then squeals randomly every so often. The munchkin only started it on Thursday after her the other little one doing it on Wednesday.....I'm sure there's some sort of correlation there..... Mr H hates it though, it is funny for a while, but does deafen you somewhat.
  • I've been diagnosed with post natal least it gives me a reason for being so tired, weepy and grumpy. Am now on anti-ds so hopefully they'll kick in properly soon and I'll start to feel somewhat better than I have been. (actually that may be part of the reason I haven't posted....just not felt like it.....I don't know!)
  • Mr H has been given a pay rise and a bonus for the one month he was working before Christmas. Means we should be able to go away for a little bit on the summer.....probably still can't afford to do anything more than camping though :o(
  • The munchkin has grown so much we're going to have to move her into 3-6 month clothes next week....just as she turns 5 months old! She's so small (except for her head!), but given the I'm fairly short and Mr H isn't all that tall and is very skinny it's not really surprising that she's little too.
  • I've now lost over 1 1/2 stone since the start of the year. Am very pleased with myself. Am now doing WW online as I couldn't find a class near here that I could get to, but it's actually working really well so far. The online database is making it easy to find the points values of what I want to eat, and it means I actually keep track of what I'm eating better as the laptop is always on and nearby.
Am just waiting for Tesco to deliver a rather large order of food and baby milk (that stuff is so expensive....wish I could have breast fed!) and then Mum is coming down for a few days. Will try and post when she's here, she'll happily look after the munchkin and let me get on with whatever. She's also going to baby sit one evening so Mr H and I can go out for dinner somewhere. Our challenge is to find somewhere that sells food low in WW points.....hmmmm....still working on that one. Shockingly McDonalds is coming out best so far! Help! What is the world coming too when McDonalds appears to be the best way for me to eat out when I'm on a diet. Am going to do everything I can do so as not to end up there.

Anyway, must go, need to feed the munchkin before the Tesco's delivery turns up as otherwise, no, doubt, she'll want feeding 2 minutes before he/she turns up and I'll have to stop feeding her to sort out the frozen stuff and she'll throw a paddy!