Wednesday, March 21, 2007


We were disturbed in the middle of the night by some odd noises from the munchkin. She settled herself back down fairly quickly so we weren’t too worried, but when I went into her room this morning to get her up I was met by a horrible smell.

The little darling had been sick in the night and then fallen back to sleep in it! It was completely embedded in her hair. Thankfully Mr H hadn’t left for work at that point so her was able to clean the cot, carpet and bedding (and toys!) while I bathed the munchkin. It was so meshed into her hair that I had to wash it twice to get the smell out.

She’s a little subdued this morning, but not too much, and has just gone down for a nap in the travel cot (her room smells too bad for her to sleep in there). I’m not sure what caused her to be poorly, she had her pneumococcal (sp?) jab last Tuesday so it could be that, otherwise I don’t know. She tried a little bit of our curry last night (unusually Mr H got home in time for us all to eat together), but she has had that before. I guess we’ll never know.

On a slight side note, if anyone has any bright ideas for getting the sick smell out of carpet I’d be really grateful for them!